Introducing Muscle Mount™

Rock Solid Platform! Whether you are shooting on the range or shooting over the shoulder of a hostage, a rock solid platform is the foundation on which all other firearm fundamentals are built.

The patent pending Muscle Mount™ is the world's first functional firearm fitness device that allows the user to strengthen the specific muscles used to stabilize both handguns and long guns.

MuscleMount Model

Why does it Work?

Functional fitness involves the strengthening and increasing endurance of the specific muscles utilized for the desired skill. A stable shooting platform consisting of a solid stance and proper grip are essential for effective performance with both hand guns and long guns. Like the foundation of a building, if a shooters platform is weak, the other fundamentals collapse. Muscle Mount is the world's first functional fitness device designed to build a rock solid shooting platform.

In combat, muscles are typically fatigued as a result of two means, mobility and stress. Mobility involves any type of movement requiring muscle exertion. In combat, this may include running, climbing, crawling, fighting, etc. Along with combat exertion, the release of stress hormones in the body will increase fatigue after the initial spike designed for flight or fight. As the battle continues, the combatant will be required to perform with their firearm in an increasingly fatigued state. The Muscle Mount™ specifically exercises the exact same muscles required to maintain the solid shooting platform for effective shot placement in the combat environment.

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"I brought the Muscle Mount and SIRT gun into a recent workout with a group of military and police candidates and the device doubled the energy level with the workout immediately. Mixing a regular resistance / cardio and HIIT workout with a Muscle Mount shooting stance really gives meaning to Tactical Fitness when you cannot actually shoot / move at the range. The Muscle Mount has been one of the best additions to my Tactical Fitness program that I have experienced in over 15 years."

Stew Smith
Stew Smith Fitness

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How does it work?


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“From a training standpoint, the Muscle Mount System definitely hits the mark. Being able to both overload muscles involved in shooting, and provide resistance from various angles, adds stability and endurance training in multiple planes of motion. I can easily see significant carryover in terms of building a stable shooting platform and, therefore, improving shooting performance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking to bring up their tactical fitness training.”

Welligee Ryne Gioviano, M.S.Ed. (Exercise Physiology)
Welligee Personal Training & Lifestyle



What is in the basic kit?

basic kit

  • 1 – Muscle Mount™
  • 4 – Bodylastics® resistance bands. (3 lbs, 5 lbs, 8 lbs, 13 lbs)
  • 1 – Bodylastics® door anchor.
  • 1 – Bodylastics® anywhere anchor.
  • 1 – Storage bag.

Muscle Mount™ is proud to provide Bodylastics® resistant bands with each kit. Why? Simple. After testing similar products, Bodylastics® outperformed all competition by a mile! Bodylastics® patented “Snap Guard Technology” provides a comforting feeling that the user is protected from snap back if the resistant band is accidentally broken.



What training firearms can I purchase to use with the system if I don’t already have one?


Can the Muscle Mount™ be used with an actual firearm that has a rail system?

 Yes! However, the firearm should be modified to ensure that it is incapable of firing live rounds. For safety purposes, the Muscle Mount™ should never be used on a weapon during live fire training.


Are there conversion kits that will assist in rendering my live firearm safe for training with the Muscle Mount™?

 Yes! Laser Ammo provides a solution for various weapon systems. The product blocks the barrel and provides a visible laser shot indicator. (Click here to purchase)